20140731 Yogi Time Lapse

The relationship between a teacher and students is a very special bond.  It is important for many reasons but particularly due to the growth factor that it generates.  A slightly different but no-less important relationship is "the yoga bestie." That person that you flow with, no words just breath and movement and fun. Foster Addington is my yoga bestie, best friend and boy friend.  He's kind of a total package if you ask me. Yoga, love, fun - man, this is a really positive post. 

PS: How does a person find a yoga bestie?  Go to class. In other cities you maybe can go to the park or the bar and randomly come across a yogi that you get on well with but in Lynchburg, Va your chances are not good unless you go to class.  Get out of your living room and come to me.  That is the first step.