congruence yoga

Labor Day Yogi Time Lapse with some stills

Well, I find myself working on Labor Day, again. Its a regular occurrence. The last real (as in away from home and more than just a weekend) vacation I took was in 2009 when I went down to Mexico to help people build houses. I take a day or two per week to slow down and not work but I figured people might like to do some yoga on a day where they do not have to rush to work. So, today ended up being a work day.

Here's my time lapse from my personal practice and some stills with comments. Yes, its good to go to a studio and have a teacher guide you through practice. But now that technology has advanced to iPads and iPhones you can train your own eye in alignment and work to fix your own alignment issues, too. If you can't make it to a studio I highly recommend you get on that asap - there is no reason to keep yourself in the dark.

Yes, I am incorporating more free-style movement into my flows. Maybe one day, I will post a video of me dancing. There are many on my personal Facebook page but they are hidden from all but me these days. It used to be I would share them but then I stopped using FB for all but the essential upkeep of the Congruence Yoga page. But, they are organic moments so keep watching to see when one happens to spring forth.

I read that Pattahbi Jois could hold his Urdhva Muka Svanasana for 15 minutes and practice his pranayama while in the pose. I've been working on strengthening and lengthening the duration of my holds in Up Dog ever since. I find the challenge is to no lose the strength/support of the abs or the upward movement of energy from the hands into the chest, sternum and head.

If I look introspective in this posture it is because I'm going deep inside to find the core stability to maintain balance while stretching that hammies in this pose.

Oh hey, wheel. No surprise, my shoulders could open more but this is looking supported enough in the middle to maybe walk my hands in and get that deeper should opening. Maybe I'll try that with a wall soon.

Whoa, yogi toes and bliss point. This marichyasana A is looking comfortable and reflective. No pain-face here!