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Carlina Muglia: Founder and e-RYT Yogi

Carlina received her 200 RYT through Black Swan Yoga, Austin, Texas.  

Whether you're my family, friend or student chances are one element of our relationship is going to be work. Action is my love language. I'm also highly rational, so work resonates, more often than not, as play to me. "How can I do this more efficiently?" In my mind that's like solving a puzzle. It's fun. It took until my early-twenties for me to recognize and accept that part of my personality. During that era of my life I spent a good deal of time alone, reflecting and deep-breathing. It wasn't intentionally yoga. I had never taken a yoga class and was not curious to do so. I was content with my involvement in Crossfit and the physical transformation that I was undergoing as a result of that discipline. That period of reflection and introspection did lead to a couple of very important self-discoveries that put me on the path of yoga: 1) I am inherently a peaceful, peace-loving person 2) My tendency toward inner peace is most apparent when I am undergoing challenges and I have to work harder to maintain.

While I'm peaceful, my rationality makes me pragmatic. Eventually, I found yoga and in yoga I recognized a through-line of pragmatism. The things that we do are not to get a hot body or as an escape from reality. In yoga, form follows function and the functionality of yoga is to use our bodies as a tool of expressing love and peace more aptly. My life has been full of trying times. In my younger years I was not up to the challenge. My body was subject to my emotions and to influences from the outside world. Even Crossfit only helped a small degree to mediate the tendency a fiery, rational person like me has to react and judge instead of being mindful and considerate. Yoga has helped me tremendously, however. Yoga reinforced my practices of spending enough time alone to focus on breathing and learning about myself. It further developed the mind-body connection I started to develop through Crossfit but added a spiritual component that I had spent most of my life purposefully avoiding.

All that's pretty heavy but I wouldn't be being true to myself if I weren't honest about the fact that I take yoga very seriously as an extension of a life wherein I am driven to be as good to myself and those around me as I can be - no matter how sparse or ample the material means in my possession. If I am spiritually grounded and physically capable, I'm going to work hard to love the people in my life. All of this can be summed up in one phrase: My purpose is to connect to my spirit and to help you connect to yours. #ConnectToYourSpirit

On a lighter note, my interests outside of yoga are being a mother to my wonderful son, Vorian. I love to read. Of all the books in the entire world Frank Herbert's Dune and the resulting expanded series written by Herbert's son are a continued source of inspiration and have majorly impacted my world-view. I love to laugh. I prefer witty humor instead of mean jokes but memes are the ultimate form of humor in my opinion. I love to dance, cook, eat delicious food (mainly veggies) pet dogs, play and play outside. But let's be real, if you know me you know I have yoga on my mind all the time.



Marcelo Quarantotto: Cinematographer, Creative Director, Hopeful Idealist

I am a writer, but one that does so through various mediums: pen, pencil, typewriter, laptop, photos, videos, websites, and songs.

Since 2006, I have worked as a journalist, a marketing copywriter, editor, newspaper designer, photographer, videographer, social media and content manager, and web developer for brands, artists, and entrepreneurs in a variety of industries.

For my work with Congruence Productions, I get to utilize most all of these disciplines with the aim of crafting yogic content that is mindful in its aesthetic, purpose, designated audience, and effect — a holistic process that intends to highlight that value and cost, the practical and the ideal, are one in the same … congruent. Core to my beliefs is the notion that humans do best when we work together for the mutual best interests of each other and our environment.

In other words, I don't believe in gaining at a cost to someone (or something) else. Instead, my goal in my life, my art and my career is to create a better future by telling stories about those creating a better NOW — within and without.

I am also a father of three beautiful daughters and partner to the most gracious, saintly creature I've ever met. I could make my income supporting products and companies that harm people and our planet for profit, but what sort of example would I be to my kids? What sort of world would I be leaving for them after I’m gone?

I hope to inspire others to adhere to innate ethics and co-create the world in which we all want to live.

So, do you have a story about how we can create a better life together or how it is already happening? If so, I'd love to tell it.